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Yggdrasil and the circle (Sept.13, 2004)

In astrology two forces often stand opposite to each other, two planets, two forces of the soul. Usually one chooses one of the two, and the other one disappears into the shadow, and becomes a complex.

When one develops mentally or spiritually, one learns to accept them both, one learns not to choose, to live the paradox. This is possible by living the total circle.

Then the two forces can both be lived, and the soul is in balance.

The cave-people lived the line, the connection of the opposites, but they raised the life-tree, the Yggdrasil, on the line, and created a third point. It was the beginning of the circle. It is the time without end. They called it God. Later in the evolution, the circle was the symbol of mythology. The history of the gods, life without time, eternal.

Goswami had to call the waves and particles consciousness, instead of God. And that is the scientific side of the quantum physics. Now in his retirement, he wrote the book “The Selfaware Universe”, and in that he said “consciousness is God”. With those words he gave the wave and the particle a third worth, the spiritual worth, and made with that the triangle on which the new time, the future, is based.

This is the free fantasy of the artist, to make what is cold, warm.

Anton Heyboer, artist


Anton Heyboer, 1924-2005    SITEMAPPLATTEGROND