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Results out my limbic brain information

About a year ago I followed on the TV a very international heart-cardiologues congress in Germany. This congress wanted to tell the cardiologues in other lands, who were there, the great news they had long experience done to come to their conclusion that in great parts of Germany the bloodpressure of the people is 65-90. They started a laboratory research and came to the phantastic conclusion that this 65-90 was the pressure when the body is without chalk. The 80 under and 120 above as pressure that in Europe was the status of health. On the congress they said that 80-120 was already a form of heart-arthrosis and chalk in the veins. It should be shock for the medical world but they have not accepted this what the international congress has spoken out as the true. I can tell you that I life already for 5 years with the pressure  65-90. and the girl who lives in spirit very close to me, has the same pressure. The doctor of this village came every month to measure my pressure.  And hold it in my medical dossier.

I can let go it up to 80-120 when I use my rational thinking, but I live out the impulses of my limbic brain, which gives on that God is as old as human, the first human started with the life as Yggdrasil. But the Christ religion exist out father, son, holy spirit, and the whole cosmos exist also out triangles side by side of the carbon molecule as gas.

The flesh of the body and of all organisms is the molecule itself, so the heaven is a triangle and the body is a triangle and when you have God in you, your spirit is a triangle too. The fault there is made in the evolution is that the thinking is not longer a triangle but a line between two points. Then the complexes can grow and mostly the thinking is, that one point want to let disappear the other as complex. This is in the quantum mechanics the cosmos as waves of eternity and the particle is in that the complex that on a day should disappear. So as stars disappear and so as also the earth should disappear. This thinking makes the blood pressure to 80-120. That is why now after the quantum mechanics comes the latest science from physics professor Goswami in America, who made the quantum mechanics to three, to the triangles out which the cosmos is built up. The Christ science, so you must see it, can make with its triangle father, son, holy spirit, can make contact with the cosmos. Then the blood pressure goes low because there is no longer place for complexes. Because there is no time, so as Oxford University gives out the book ‘end of time’. So blood pressure has to do with to live God. When I have a pressure from 52 or 58, and make another measuring, and I say, when the measuring is going on, I say the words ‘greetings Maria, you are the blessed under the women and blessed is Jesus the fruit of your womb’, then 58 goes directly to 65. When I think on matter, and I have 80-120 by doing the wrong thinking, they measure this numbers and I say to the doctor ‘wait, I bring him back’ and then he is listening, and in one second I am saying ‘blessed Maria, you are the blessed under the women and blessed is Jesus the fruit of your womb’, then it is 65-90. The mantra is a triangle is father son holy spirit, and that are the points, and the inside they close in, is the Maria. Because it has all come out the Maria, so as the Zen Buddhism also says ‘the woman inside creates all what exist’.

So God is necessary and the best you can live that is to live the psychogene life to be Christ, because that is what you are. Rome said that also 40 years ago, but no one knows this. I lived between the monks, and I saw the corpus going off from their crosses. It was a shock, and the end of the church, but when you take this serious, what I have written, it is a new begin from Christ, a science and necessary for your health and to make yourself free from thinking, because you get contact with the cosmos directly. Be Christ. This message is true. 

Anton Heyboer, written for the Universities, who click often on my site. This is the best I can tell. You have not to believe, you must know.



Anton Heyboer, 1924-2005    SITEMAPPLATTEGROND